Charging station

You know those those super cute ideas to organize your home and make everyday clutter look nice? Well I have tried several things to organize my charging cords in the kitchen. I got those cord holders, amazing by the way! But it still left the devices on the counter. And they would be in the way and get greasy from the stove that wasn’t that far away, so I decided to change that. I found this super cute idea on Pinterest…. of course 😉 and decided I have the perfect place to do this and it would look so nice!

See?! So pretty!
So I went and found a basket, a short curtain rod, some fake plants, and some buckets. Now I am all for saving a buck… having babies isn’t cheap y’all! So I found a clearance basket and plants from Michaels craft store. And a curtain rod from Walmart… and dollar store buckets that I have attempted to grow plants in before…. but you can understand that story if you refer back to my brown thumb post. So all in all I probably spent $12 on this. Not too bad. Then I realized I needed command hooks, which unfortunately are not as cheap. But I was convinced. So I went and got command hooks Gracie and I at the whole thing together… But somehow it didn’t quite look as good as Pinterest.

I was so bummed! I decided to take the tacky plants down… And just leave the basket. It still doesn’t look the best, but it does keep my devices clean and organized.

Maybe it will look better in your house! Or maybe you can find a better basket 😉

How to make a fabulous charging station! 🙂

1. Locate, find, or buy, the following: a curtain rod, a basket, plants (fake if your thumbs are similar to mine) buckets for the plants, command hooks, and curtain hooks or rope to hang them on the rod with.
2. Measuring carefully, find where you want to place your command hooks. (I used chalk to help me place mine! That way I could draw on the cabinets without ruining them!) Pro Tip: This basket works best when placed next to or near an outlet 😉
3. Place your command hooks. (They recommend you let them set for 1 hour before hanging anything on them.
4. While you wait arrange your plants in your buckets. (You might need some foam or filler for this.)
5. Then hang everything on the curtain rod and place it on the hooks.
6. At this point please feel free to straighten anything up and place your charging cords in the basket.

And that’s all folks! I hope yours turns out amazing! Feel free to share your experience with it and see if you are more talented than me! Maybe it’ll give me some ideas 😉

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