Entryway Organization!

So, no matter how clean peoples houses are…. I’m pretty sure almost everyone has that one spot in their house that is the junk spot. Or if you are anything like me you have a husband and there are lots of junk spots! Or as I like to call them… his desk. His shelf. His work bench. And his garage. Well the other day I got sick of my house looking like “his house” so I cleaned everything but his gun desk. Mostly because that is just way beyond help. I mean I gave him this whole desk… in the house! And still his projects end up on my table! Like what’s a desk for then? Haha oh well whatever.

The point is… we have a couple junk spots and I was sick of looking at them. Especially our entry way. I’m sure this isn’t just a junk spot for my family. But I feel that I have more than some people. For example when Kyrel gets home, he is usually so dirty I make him take his clothes off there. I do have a laundry basket for him. But that still means he empties his pockets and stuff doesn’t make it past the entryway bench till I put it away the next day. So I put a shelf there for him with buckets for things like tools, coins, sunglasses, gloves… stuff like that. Then I had a cubby for dog stuff, and one for my work stuff at Applebees, and when I didn’t know where to put something they went in a cubby. Well eventually the shelf started looking worse. Until it got to this point. I am rather embarrassed to even post this picture, but it wasn’t the top of my priority list with my new little baby. Until one day I lost it. I had shown some one my house, and all I could noticed was that awful shelf and I didn’t want anyone else to see it.

Soooo instead of anyone seeing it in my house, I’m going to show you all here! Now no judgments… It’s not all my fault 😉

That is what I had to look at.

So to fix it, I went to the almighty dollar store! I found square boxes that fit just perfectly into my cubby, unlike the old bad boxes that were too small or big. (Now I did only buy a couple until I knew for sure that they fit. That’s just a little pro tip to save money)

When they fit perfectly, I sprayed them with silver spray paint. I went through a can and a half, but the insides are not amazing, because I knew they would just get scratched off with his tools. I get them well enough that you can see in without being suspicious of them being red tho.

After several coats of silver, I did a top clear coat. Just hoping it will help it last longer since these will get quite a bit of wear and tear. (Thank you dear hubby!) Then I painted a square of black chalk paint. (I did just eyeball it within the label square, there

While I let that dry, I pulled everything off the shelf and cleaned them. I put the new boxes in, then sorted everything into them.

Doesn’t it look sooo nice! Ahh I love it! And it feels so good to have it organized and nice.

3 thoughts on “Entryway Organization!

  1. What a huge improvement! You’re so crafty and creative. I’m seeing a whole lot more nailing than failing! Now come do my house.


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