Andrus Famous Cilantro Lime Chicken!

Okay so maybe its really only famous in our family… but dang. It should be famous! This was one of my not so great pinterest fails. To start with at least. I saw it on pinterest and it looked sooo good!

So I followed the recipe and… eh it wasn’t great. Not bad but not amazing.

So I kinda forgot about it for a while. But then we had the ingredients and my husband suggested it again. Well somehow when he touches the spices everything tastes amazing. And this time he helped me make it! Well it turned out amazing! It tasted soo good I was literally licking the plate. No Joke. So… it has become a favorite and we have it at least twice a month. We made it for our family reunion, make it for our friends, and we always have at least one bag of marinating meat in our freezer so we can just pull it out.

So what we do is take chicken breasts, marinate them with some garlic, onion powder, a bit of taco seasoning, chili pepper flakes, chopped cilantro, lime juice, olive oil. and a bit of my secret ingredient bourbon seasoning.

Add a bit of flour to get a nice crispy outside edge. (If I marinate it in the freezer I usually don’t flour it until I am ready to cook it.) When it comes to cooking it, I use a semi deep frying method. First. I use coconut oil. Heavens yes! This makes a huge huge difference! Coconut oil makes it crispier. I use unflavored coconut oil.

Anyway, I want it to cover the chicken about half way. That way it gets a nice good fry, but doesn’t leave too much extra oil. This is definitely a choice you can make cause I use the extra oil to fry some quinoa to go with it. Long story short… Cut up the chicken into smaller strips (we like it smaller cause it makes it more crispier.. yes good grammar 🙂

So here’s a basic recipe…. but to be honest I just kinda dump stuff in. Remember if I follow a recipe it doesn’t work out. Just make it taste great!!!

Cilantro Lime Chicken

1 package Chicken breasts

1 clove fresh garlic minced.

1 tsp onion powder

½ tsp taco seasoning

½ tsp chili pepper flakes

¼ tsp bourbon seasoning

1 bunch cilantro, chopped. Save ½ for topping after cooked.

Limes – juice for the marinade and for the topping.

2 tablespoons olive oil.

Coconut oil– enough to cover your pan about ½ inch.

After frying the chicken top it with lime juice and cilantro. Serve with a side of rice or quinoa. Or fried potatoes… since we are a potato farming family.


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