Fall Decorations Made Quick!

Fall is here!

Guys. I love decorating for fall! The colors, the leaves, the pumpkins! Ahhhh the smell! Does anyone else just love the smell of fall? There are so many good smells! Cinnamon, vanilla, pumpkin! Ah anyway. So I might be cheating and starting a little early… but technically school is in session so it should be fine…. but I decorated for fall! Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want summer to be over! I’m not ready to go back to school…. I still love warm days outside! But I just needed to add a little orange and red to my house! I was in a bind where I wanted to change from my summer decorations, but didn’t know what else to put up so I settled on fall.

Now I’m not quite ready for all my fall decorating crafts! I just wanted to add a bit of fall to my life! So I’ll just start with a few quick decorating ideas!

So to start with, I gathered up a few things that aren’t technically fall. This definitely helps me save on money! I have a pioneer woman pitcher, a real legit lantern (which I have actually used by the way! We have power outages sometimes and it’s pretty cool to have an old style lantern! Bought it on…. surprise… amazon! But anyway…) a hollow lantern (my favorite cause it works for every holiday practically!) my wooden tray, and a vase. I actually made that vase in my ceramics class. It was supposed to be a snowman, so I was going to make a top. But I ran out of time so it kind of failed… but it works great for fall instead!

I also have some fall greenery, random pumpkins, signs, ribbon, red berries (which by the way are a great investment cause you can use them for Christmas too!)

1. I arranged my pumpkins in my tray with my pre arranged little fall arrangements. That’s a no fail right there! 😉

2. I took some greenery and pumpkins and filled my lantern. This took a few tries to make it look really good… but you can do it!! I will say I cut up the garland so it filled better.

3. That pioneer woman pitcher… beautiful and I use it for lots of seasons! I took a fall leaf bunch, the two stems of red berries and arranged them in the pitcher. Super simple, super easy, super beautiful! Plus the turquoise pumpkin I have looks perfect with it!

4. Wheat. Wheat is my go to for fall!!! Maybe that’s cause I’m a daughter of a farmer…. but hey it works! If you have access it’s a good beautiful accent.

5. Candles make a fall statement. I like to put them in with lots of my centerpieces!

6. My fall blocks. I took these, a fall vase and greenery and flowers, pumpkins, and my lantern and did a simple display on my hutch. Makes it so nice to look at!

7. And tuck a few signs here and there on shelves, walls, and tables and you’ll have fall creeping into your home as well!

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