DIY Copper

So are you all falling in love with copper like I am??? Man it’s become soo big and I’m so excited!

cop mug

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I love how it makes everything so country. But I’m a poor broke college mama and all that real copper is expensive. So what was my solution? DIY stuff! My first instinct was spray paint. (My new most favorite thing to make anything look good!) And luckily they sell spray paint in every color under the moon so it worked. The next question was what to paint. So I went to a local thrift store and just walked down the isles and found anything I could. This was pretty easy to do since I knew everything would look good in copper. But there was a few things I was looking for specifically.

1. A pitcher- like for water… but not to actually use.

2. A pumpkin trick or treat bucket. Or any other pumpkins as well. 🙂

3. An animal of some kind- toy horse or ceramic figurine.

So wandering around that place… well. It was a gold mine! I found two pitchers, one really fancy one… I got sooo excited for this one!

I also found a ceramic rooster and duck!

Ahh how farm house is that! And I found a very creepy pumpkin.

It was awesome! So with all these treasures, and a can of spray paint, I went to work. I washed all of them, dried them well, and then went and sprayed them.

They turned out amazing! I think they look quite realistic too. I mean they don’t look like the rosey copper that you see a lot, but it looks like real copper. And that’s saying a lot considering it is spray paint! But what I love most is the accent it puts in my house. Copper just adds a depth that makes everything look so great and quite farm house style. And the best thing about it… it was definitely more affordable than real copper!

Are you looking for some accents in your house? Wanna try some copper? Let me know how it goes!

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