Simple Christmas Decorations You Probably Already Own!

I absolutely love Christmas time! it is my favorite. And one of the best things about it? The decorating! I know some people view it as kind of a chore… which is completely understandable in your busy lives, but I love it! it is my favorite! I literally decorate up to… and possibly past Christmas day! Just cause I think of more things I can do, or I decide to change something up, haha but I know I’m crazy. It is just so fun to change up your home decor for a while and make your home a winter wonderland!

I also understand that Christmas decorations can add up super fast… and my pocket book doesn’t allow for that yet. So I find myself looking through my decorations and figuring out what I can turn into Christmas decorations or add stuff to to make it Christmasy! (and duh that is totally a word!) well here are some basic things I’ve come up with, that you probably already own!

  1. Baskets

Baskets are amazing versatile accents to decor. Now there are several forms baskets come in, and any work, but you just might have to change where you use them depending on what kind. This year I had purchased some chicken wire baskets like this so that was my choice. I don’t know about you, but we have tons of extra ornaments…. granted we used them for wedding decorations so we have them coming out of our ears! We could easily decorate 4-5 trees… but usually there’s at least a few extra lying around. Well this is just about the simplest thing you can do… fill that basket up with ornaments and pop it on a shelf or the table and vwala! You’ve got a beautiful simple decoration! If you want to use wicker just make sure you place it where the top shows! You can also add pinecones to add some texture. More on this later with bowls though.

  1. Pinecones from your back yard

Go out back and gather those free pine cones! They are sooo useful anywhere in your home! Just make sure to clean them to make sure you kill all those buggers before they come in your house! This lady has some great instructions on how to do that here………….. Once your pinecones are cured you can put them in baskets, bowls, vases, or even make pine cone garland out of them! They add such a natural feel to your home, and give you some dark neutral colors in your bright décor. I use them on my tree


  1. Trays

Trays are becoming more and more popular, on tables, coffee tables, counters, and even beds! If you have one of these laying around, or even something similar, than use it! It is great to put anything from mini trees, candles, nativities, cookie cutters, ornaments, lanterns, or Christmas books. It just depends on the size! The possibilities are endless, but it makes it so easy and “clean” looking while adding an extra dimension.


  1. Tiered Trays

Well, since these are all the rage I gave in and bought one! It has been a blast to decorate! And Christmas is the perfect time to put this baby to use! Everything looks great on them, from mini trees, to dishes! Mugs are perfect for these! Signs, candy canes, stockings, elf on the shelf, reindeer, red pick-up trucks and nativities.


  1. Candles

If you are anything like me you will have at least one candle laying around. I use them all the time! They are the perfect accent… they can be neutral or bold. It makes them amazing for any season, setting, and display. Well grab some of those candles and use them. You can put them in pretty Christmas candleholders, or plain. I took some this year and wrapped them up with some twine (sooo simple you guys! And it added so much depth!) and I added a little sprig of red berries to one of them for a pop of color! You can use twine, ribbon, or burlap. Add some ornaments or a pinecone to the bow and you have what looks like a fancy expensive candle! (Plus you can take it back off and use the candle for other seasons without buying more!)

  1. Bowls

This one is fun because I know you have a bowl you can use, fancy or not, and you can do so much with it! This year I used a bowl to hold a mixture of pinecones and ornaments! I also use bowls of fruit for decorations! Pomegranates and oranges are great holiday fruits and such a colorful centerpiece for counter tops! (Plus you can eat them after! Haha pomegranates are my favorite… I may be too excited about that!)

  1. Boxes

This is an old classic so you’ve probably seen it… if not done it. Wrapping boxes and displaying “gifts” on shelves, tables, and of course under the tree is classic! If you don’t have actual gifts you want to store on shelves as decorations just wrap empty boxes! Or…. If you are trying to hide gifts from your children, display the gift boxes in your décor and tell them they are just your decorations! Most kids will leave them alone! I will also tell you a secret… If your budget is really tight… old fashioned Christmas gifts were often wrapped in newspaper or comics! Opt for an old fashioned Christmas and your gifts will look so quaint! I know I loved getting gifts wrapped in comic pages! It was like two gifts in one! Haha

Christmas gifts in vintage style
Shot on cartons decorated with string and label on a wooden table under Christmas tree with cones
  1. Vases

My dear friends, vases in my house are rarely for flowers. As much as I love flowers… I prefer plants so they don’t die! That always makes me sad… but nonetheless I have quite the supply of vases! These are awesome to fill with ornaments… I know I know. I have ornaments everywhere… what else am I supposed to do with them?! I have like two totes of strait ornaments! You can put pine cones- I love pinecones in the winter. They are so natural and earthy. They just add such a down to earth feel in your decorations.


  1. Lanterns or Apothecary Jars

If you have one of those hollow lanterns or an apothecary jar, they makes a great holiday scenes… little Christmas village, snow men, Christmas trees, or even stuffed with…. You guessed it! Ornaments! haha

  1. Cake Plates

Yes I know… who uses cake plates for cake anyway right??? Haha well… lets be realistic… it’s easier to not eat the cake when you don’t always have some on a cake plate. So we will fill it with other decorations instead! Candles are beautiful on them, put them in a three some with some ribbons, or one with a wreath around it! You can also do, snowmen, red pick up trucks and trees, village houses and nutcrackers. Really any Christmas decoration will do! Make it wintery with some fake snow.

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