Dunn It Yourself- Rae Dunn


Isn’t it amazing how one set of dishes has taken the Internet by a storm! Who knew a simple dish with a word on it would be so popular. Rae Dunn has dunn it…. hehe ok so maybe I’m not that funny! 😛 but if you look around or Instagram or Pinterest it is amazing how many people post pictures with their Rae Dunn. But you know me, I can’t afford that. Have you seen the prices on the stuff? It’s unreal especially when you see people that have like hundreds of pieces.

I will be honest at first I kinda looked it and I was like it’s a mug… What’s so great but I have grown to like it more. I especially like the Christmas or holiday collections. That’s when I really decided I need some of that stuff. But no way am I going to pay for it so off I went to the dollar store and the thrift store. I found myself some white dishes and a permanent marker. Now this may seem like a cheap unrealistic method that will wash off every time you use it right? Guess what… if you put permanent marker in the oven it turns truly permanent. So here’s how I did it. PS this is a lot cheaper.

And p.p.s. I did not find this on pinterest… so it’s not really a Pinterest nail. It was my discovery! But I did find the permanent marker in the oven tip on Pinterest!

White dishes.

I had to go shop and find my dishes. I used the dollar store, the local thrift store, or you could use Walmart or another store. Rae Dunn‘s stuff tends to be blockish and squarish. So like this mug is sort of square handled, maybe not as much but enough to be OK. I chose plain bowls, and a square plate that I liked. Now since they are your dishes you can choose whatever shape you like, I saw this soup mug and I fell in love.

Then you have two options. There is Rae Dunn vinyl letters you can purchase here.

Or you can write them yourself.



The great thing about Rae Dunn is that it is print and print is much easier to copy. Before I wrote on any dishes I practiced on paper. There are examples of Rae Dunn on the internet you can practice the whole alphabet or certain words. I looked up pictures with dishes in it so I could see the words I wanted. I practiced writing them with permanent marker on scratch paper. Now all you smart alecky people out there that are ready to tell me “writing on dishes is way different than paper” just chill. I’m getting there. 🙂

Practice on dishes. Another great thing about this is permanent marker comes off great with some rubbing alcohol. So practice on your dishes, if you don’t like it, wipe it off with some alcohol, then try again! When you like it leave it, and go on to the next piece. When you have as many pieces you want to do, stick it in the oven to permanentize them!



Place dishes in a cold oven. (1. Make sure they are oven safe. 2. Starting cold helps eliminate shattering.) heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cook for 30-40 minutes. Then turn off the oven and let the dishes cool in the oven.


P.S. If you do this with colored markers beware the longer they cook the colors can change a bit.

P. S. S. I would recommend hand washing, if you want them to last better.

P. S. S. S. Did ya even realize the first picture was homemade Rae Dunn? 😉

There ya go! Rae Dunn on a budget!

(Also… if you do like the holiday series, and don’t want a whole cupboard full of dishes…. you don’t have to put them in the oven. Write on them, take your pics, sip your cocoa, then touch it up or erase it after washing!

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