4th of July Decor

The Fourth of July is a holiday of family, food, fireworks, and of course fun! I used to really struggle decorating for this holiday so I usually put a couple flags in a vase of flowers and called it good. Maybe some red or white candles. Well this year inspiration came flooding to me… thank you instagram and my growing collection of decor.


P.S. Yes… red trucks are perfect for this holiday!!! And Walmart has some awesome throw pillows!


Well I stuck some red, white, and blue around the house. Then Saturday I went to a yard sale next door to my in-laws house. This is a friend who is really into décor and was cleaning out. I was in HEAVEN!!! I definitely spent more than I planned on… don’t tell my husband… : ) …. But I did get a dang good steal of a deal on so much! But that’s a story for another day! Haha well one the treasures I found was an old window frame. I debated it at first, but then my mother in law said she wanted to buy one to put a quilt in and all the sudden my brain almost exploded!


I have a beautiful little quilt my husband actually made when he was about seven. He made it all by himself- cut- to piece- to quilt. All him. (Back up a bit…. His mother is a huge quilter. She is amazing and does so many fun things! And she has made us and Royden some quilts. I’ll share some pics of those sometime soon! So he had helped her sew and quilt) So he made this adorable thing for fun during the summer. I’ve had it in a little chest wishing I could do something with it but not knowing what. I had literally pulled it out Thursday night to try and use in fourth decorations. Then she made this comment. And I knew I had to have this window frame!



How perfect is this! I am so in love it might never come down! It’s right over Kyrel’s desk too so its just a little perfect.



And to make the story even sappier…. The window frame is from my husbands great, great, great grandfathers house. Original frame to the house holding the yard sale. So its from the family too! Isn’t that just so perfect!

If you want to shop these photos click here!

Anyway these are some of my favorite 4th of July decorating Ideas.



If you are looking for banners here are some awesome ones!

Flag Banner 

USA Banner




Throw Pillows





Shelf Decor

Flag Containers





Boxes for the Red White and Blue! 




I hope you all have a wonderful bright and sunny Fourth of July with lots of fireworks, food, and family!


Love, Audra

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