Thanksgiving Stress… Less!

Thanksgiving…. Does that word bring you stress? Anxiety? Panic? Or joyful, peaceful, happy feelings? Unfortunately, too many of us feel the first feelings. The holidays are a time of stressful meal planning, decorating, cleaning for company, and stress of being in a crowded shopping center! …. Ok maybe that last one is mostly just my problem…. But anyway.



The holidays are supposed to be a fun time with family. So how do we take the stress out? Here are some simple tips and tricks to smooth it over and help you have an enjoyable time!

Pre Thanksgiving-

Chop veggies in advance- one or two days ahead.


chopped vegSautee stuffing ingredients in advance

and store in the fridge,then rewarm when ready to use.



-Thaw turkey enough in advance.

-Freeze pie filling in a pie pan with plastic wrap.

Line a pie pan with plastic wrap, fill it, and freeze it. Then pull it out, let it warm up for a few minutes; the plastic wrap should slide out easily, and you can put it back in the freezer! Thanksgiving morning, all you only need to do is make pie shells, insert the pre shaped filling, and cook. 🙂 looooots of time saved!

-Split your shopping into two trips.

The first trip should be done a week in advance for non-perishable items- canned items, flour, spices, napkins, and utensils. Then a smaller trip on Tuesday for fresh vegetables, fruit, and dairy.

-Store extra-unneeded condiments from your fridge in a cooler– you’ll need the space!

-Brine your turkey in a cooler– free up space. (Just make sure it is cold enough the whole time. 

Set table in advance.




Day Of –

-Make stuffing in muffin tins- everyone gets a nice crispy edge. Absolutely amazing!!!

Muffin Tin

-After you mash your potatoes, store them in a crock pot to keep them warm.

Also, mash your potatoes with a few tablespoons of cream cheese for some extra creaminess, and for fluffier potatoes when you re-warm them.

-Use a thermos to keep gravy warm.

Grate frozen butter for biscuits.

-Make your pie crust fancy by using tongs, pearls, forks, cooking utensils.

Bakepedia has this fun idea!

-If your pie crust is cooking too fast, cover the edges in foil or use a pie shield.

-Same with your turkey!

-Don’t over cook your turkey!

The red button is too late…. Use an instant read thermometer. 155-170 degrees is perfect!

Enjoy the holiday! Don’t stress out about so much 🙂


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