Fourth of July Food

This colorful holiday is the perfect time to show off your cooking skills. and when I say show them off… I mean impress everyone by making them think you did crazy hard cooking…. when you really didn’t…. Cause you know me 😛


Putting on a festive display of food isn’t quite as hard as it looks. And if you have family or kids you can make an assembly line with it!

First of all, its not a bad thing to have some pre-made candy and food. So go shopping and find some red, white, and blue food.

Red licorice, blue M&M’s, blue Kisses, marshmallows, cinnamon candies, kitkats, almond joys…. you get the idea.


Second. Chocolate dipped anything!

This is the part that is fun for family and kids!

Things to dip:

Pretzel rods

pretzel rods








Rice Krispies

rice crispies

When you dip get white almond bark. Its the dippable white chocolate.

now if you want to drizzle or dip other colors you just need to dye the white chocolate, or buy colored chips.

Third. If you want to go a healthier route…. or just cause its delicious! haha Fruit makes a great family food and these are definitely so cute for the Stars and Sparkler themes!


Fruit Cubes 

fruit cubes.jpg

Taco Salad Flag

taco salad.jpg

And Check out my Summer Holidays Pinterest Board for even more Ideas!


Displays make the difference. Cute bowls, vases, or containers make it look much cuter. The problem is sometimes you are picnicking or traveling. These are some great options to help with this.


Fourth of July Dishes

If you want some other decorating ideas for the holiday check out my decorating post!

Thanks y’all for stopping by and I hope you have an amazing fourth!

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