This whole blog thing…

So I’ve been wanting to try my hand at this blogging thing for quite a while, but have never known quite what to blog. I thought about food, but I’m really no spectacular chef. I thought about DYI projects, but I am usually stealing someone else’s idea for a project and haven’t come up with my own. And I thought about a gardening blog… but considering that four and a half of my eleven house plants are dead… and my three quarters of my garden didn’t even come up this year… I decided I must not be a gardening guru.

succulent edit

(and yes… this is a picture of my poor dying succulent… one of many of my attempts. I do believe I am the only one that can successfully kill a succulent every. single. time. 🙂 with love of course!)

Thus leading me to the decision that I have nothing to offer the blogging world. That is until I tried yet another Pinterest recipe…. that inevitably…. failed. Like most of the things I try from Pinterest. I then realized I can use my Pinterest fails to make my blog! Because there is one thing I do love…. and that is trying new things out! Even when in my heart I know it will probably fail. So I might as well share with the world what does and doesn’t work! (at least for me) It is my husband’s favorite thing to tell everyone how I cannot seem to make a Pinterest recipe actually work. If I follow the recipe… it usually turns out quite awful. But, if I look up a recipe, say “oh that looks good, but I don’t have or like this ingredient… eh I’ll just make something similar” and then proceed to make up my own concoction, it turns out to be our new favorite meal! In fact one of them has become our new go to meal, and we are even going to take it as our meal at the family reunion this year! It’s our Andrus Cilantro Lime Chicken… and eventually I’ll get the recipe on here 🙂 So I hope you enjoy discovering what works and doesn’t work for me on Pinterest! And if you have any ideas for me… please feel free to share!

First blog postIMG_0228

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