Meet Our New Chicks!

This spring meant it was time for some new chicks! But this year I wanted to try something a bit different. Instead of the regular chicks, and regular brown eggs, I wanted to have some fun! So this year I chose some different types of chicks! I wouldn’t exactly call them exotic, but definitely not the complete norm. Why would I want that? Well. Have you seen those amazing pictures with the eggs that are all sorts of different colors?



ps. Rachel Mercer is amazing. if you like farm style accounts. she is definitely one to follow!


Anyway I decided instead of just focusing on egg production I wanted cool eggs. I wanted to have pictures like this! So I varied the types of chickens I got so that they would lay different colored eggs.

I got seven different breeds, in order to add variety. Now I still got some good solid layers, but I also got some Americaunas, which lay anywhere from turqoise to olive green eggs, Welsummers that lay a dark chocolate brown egg, and wyandottes that lay tan to light brown (Plus those are just gorgeous chickens!). So there will be a variety of browns, a few creams, and hopefully some blues and greens!


Well it was quite the interesting story getting them here. I had to special order them, but then they have to wait for a big enough order to ship them. By the time someone else ordered them the company was out of chicks—- ha. ha. So I ended up waiting an extra few weeks for them to actually “make” the chicks. Then I got a call saying they would be here Thursday! Yay! Well Thursday came around… no chicks… The store finally called the post office and they said there was a delay and that they would arrive Friday or Saturday.


These are live chicks people!!! They need food, water, and heat!!!

Well they finally got there Friday afternoon so Royden and I set out to get them!

Someone was excited to go for a drive!

Well we got there and an employee had given the whole package to the other lady that ordered! :0

So. we waited. and waited. while they tried to sort it all out. Eventually we left and were able to get them later that night. But long story short, the chicks had travelled way too long and were not in very good health.

So we finally get home and get them in their little chick coop. We had a little hick-up with our old one falling apart, so we borrowed a old box my in-laws use for chicks. Which was nice of them but a little small for sixteen growing chicks!


Aren’t they just so cute though? Those fluffy little balls!

They finally made it home to our little farm and now I have sixteen little chicks that are growing way too fast! But it will be awesome to get all these fun eggs!

Come back soon to find out the best tips to keep baby chicks healthy!

Thanks for following along on our little farming Journey!



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